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The best way to determine if a veterinarian is an exotic animal veterinarian is to… ask his colleagues. Simply claiming to be willing to care for birds and exotics is not a qualifier. Even the recommendations of local pet shops and breeders is not always reliable, since “arrangements” have been known to occur between vets and shops. VETERINARIANS WHO DON’T TREAT EXOTICS ARE THE BEST SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR VETERINARIANS WHO DO TREAT EXOTICS.

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Good question. First, the word "pet" must be emphasized. In our opinion, it's not a pet unless it can be interacted with and cared for in a relationship that is MUTUALLY beneficial. Beyond that, if it's not a dog or a cat, it's exotic. Actually, we're now even seeing the occasional house cat because to some owners, their cats, regardless of the species, are exotic! The most common exotic pets we see, (just scratching the surface), are parrots, macaws,

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Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center is dedicated to providing all of the medical and surgical services one could ever hope to find in an exotic animal veterinary hospital.

Emergency care

After hours care for exotic pets is extremely difficult to find in South Florida. Avian & Exotic AMC is committed to ensuring that medical care is available 24/7. Most of the time, you can reach one of our doctors by calling the primary phone number for the clinic. On those occasions where the staff doctors are unavailable, calls are referred to select emergency clinics. These clinics are staffed at all hours when AEAMC is closed and their attending physicians are experienced in exotic pet emergencies.

Primary Clinic Phone Number


Pet Emergency Room

6394 South Dixie Highway, Miami 305-666-4142

Pet Emergency Center

7110 N. University Drive, Tamarac 954-726-0998

ABOUT avianexotic

We at Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center are dedicated to providing customized, state-of-the art medical and surgical care for exotic pets. We have gone to great extremes to create a facility that directly addresses the special needs of exotic birds, reptiles, and small mammals such as ferrets and rabbits.

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of care for our patients, continually searching for the latest insights into techniques, technology, and knowledge.

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