Dr. Harris has accumulated over 40 years of skills and medical knowledge concerning birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals. His passion now is to pass on that experience to successive generations of veterinarians and exotic animal caretakers. In light of his dedication to do so, all fees are negotiable for onsite consulting services to universities, veterinary hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation centers, private or commercial exotic animal collections, etc. Expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals, etc. will be directly passed through to clients.

Consulting services include, but are not limited to,

  • Lectures and/or workshops for veterinary schools
  • Onsite training to veterinary practices (anywhere) regarding practice management and medical care for birds and exotic species
  • “House calls” for special situations that cannot be managed at local clinics
  • Onsite visits to animal parks, large private collections, and wildlife rehabilitation centers for direction with husbandry and medical care
  • Lectures on all aspects of avian veterinary medicine and husbandry at veterinary conferences, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and pet bird organizations.
  • Counseling to colleagues regarding basic medicine and husbandry
  • Second opinions to colleagues regarding specific medical cases

For more information contact Dr. Harris directly at .

Please note, it is impossible to adequately assess medical conditions without comprehensive hands-on investigation. Opinions to owners regarding cases not personally attended by Dr. Harris cannot be provided.