Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Consulting is the extension of Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center, which has provided superior veterinary medical care to the avian and exotic animal world for over four decades. The new AEAMC is both a clinical and a consulting service designed to help manage the husbandry and medical care of birds and exotic animal species to everyone from single pet owners to large animal parks. AEAMC also provides consulting and training to veterinarians and veterinary staff in their own offices, as well as student-targeted programs in veterinary schools. The geographic range to which we travel for all services is unlimited, and trips have already included South America, Europe and Asia, in addition to practically all of North America.

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Contact info:

  • South Miami
    • VCA South Dade Animal Hospital
    • 6380 S Dixie Hwy
    • South Miami, FL 33143
    • (305) 661-2573

  • Field Work, Nationally and Internationally
    • (786) 232-3464
    • djh@avianexotic.com

Mission Statement

Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Consulting is dedicated to enhancing the quality of husbandry and veterinary medical care for captive exotic animals worldwide. The ultimate goal is to provide an enriched life for all species, including the humans who live with- and for- the animals.


Dr. Harris has accumulated over 4 decades of skills and medical knowledge concerning birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals. In addition to caring for regular patients, Dr. Harris’s passion now is to extend his knowledge and experience to other veterinarians and exotic animal caretakers, as well as individuals who have limited resources in the midst of the “new world”. In light of his dedication to do so, all fees are negotiable for onsite consulting services to universities, veterinary hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation centers, private or commercial exotic animal collections, etc. Expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals, etc. will always be directly passed through to clients. Teleconsultation fees depend on the level of involvement desired; rarely will advice be given without the intent of involving local veterinarians.

Consulting services include, but are not limited to,

  • Lectures and/or workshops for veterinary schools
  • Onsite training to veterinary practices (anywhere) regarding practice management and medical care for birds and exotic species
  • “House calls” for special situations that cannot be managed at local clinics
  • Onsite visits to animal parks, large private collections, and wildlife rehabilitation centers for direction with husbandry and medical care
  • Behavior modification/training including legitimate service animal qualifying, (NOT emotional support)
  • Lectures on all aspects of avian veterinary medicine and husbandry at veterinary conferences, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and pet bird organizations.
  • Counseling to colleagues regarding basic medicine and husbandry
  • Second opinions to colleagues regarding specific medical cases
  • Teleconsulting*

For regular hospital appointments call (305) 661-2573.

For information on consultations, onsite or via telemedicine, contact Dr. Harris directly at
(786) 232-3464 or, better yet, djh@avianexotic.com .

* Please note: It is impossible to adequately assess medical conditions without direct, hands-on examination. Opinions to owners regarding cases not personally attended by Dr. Harris will be limited to suggested diagnostic approaches, locating competent local veterinarians, etc. Definitive diagnoses and treatments will rarely, if ever, be offered.

Don J. Harris, DVM

Dr. Don J. Harris came to Florida in 1980 following his graduation from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Although his Cajun background in the swamps of Louisiana did nothing to prepare him for life in Urban Miami, it did provide for him a wealth of experience in handling wildlife and exotic animals. After several years in mixed animal practice Dr. Harris became so busy with exotics that he felt he was unable to devote appropriate time to dogs and cats. His practice became exclusively avian and exotic in 1990, and in 1996 he opened South Florida’s first exotics-only veterinary hospital, Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center.

A major factor that allows Dr. Harris to excel in exotic pet care is the extensive professional network that he has established with international leaders in exotic animal medicine. Avian & Exotic serves as a throughput between clients and the worldwide authorities on practically any situation involving exotic pets.

The quality of Dr. Harris’ skill set is reflected in his international reputation. He receives numerous invitations to speak at veterinary conferences both locally and internationally every year. He has received many commendations over the years from various institutions and associations. He served as president of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, president of the worldwide Association of Avian Veterinarians, and president of the North American Veterinary Conference, the largest veterinary conference in the world. Additionally, his clinical experiences have been featured on major television networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Animal Planet, and Nat Geo. One special case even made it as far as the cover of the National Enquirer.

Beyond his veterinary career, Dr. Harris has various other interests including, (but not limited to), fishing, sailing, skydiving, snowboarding, music, and, most importantly, his grown children. Being a father is Dr. Harris’s most serious commitment. Meredith and her husband Jamie live in Austin, Texas where they are successfully navigating the commercial real estate world and doing a stellar job of raising their sons, Nash and Watt. Adam is Dr. Harris’s math & musical prodigy. After getting a degree in business, Adam is now aiming towards his PhD in Physics at the University of Colorado in Boulder while drumming on the side for pocket change. He also coaches, (in mid-air!), at the local skydiving center.

Music is also a passion of Dr. Harris. His guitar, vocal, and video production skills allowed him to assemble and perform a tribute to September 11, (click to see), which was featured as an opening performance for first “Huey Lewis and the News”, then “Trisha Yearwood”. These performances became the inspiration for the all-veterinarian band, “Projectile”, which Dr. Harris founded in 2003. Projectile’s performances included openings for the legendary “Chicago”, “Hootie and the Blowfish”, “Clint Black”, and “REO Speedwagon”, in addition to several headliner appearances.   Now it’s occasional; in August, 2019 Dr. H performed “Shallow” at the opening of the American Veterinary Medical Association annual meeting in Washington, DC.

Ultimately, Dr. Harris is a dedicated individual. He cares as much about his clients as he does his patients. He devotes himself 110% to anything and everything he takes responsibility for. Clients rest assured that nothing will be spared when Dr. Harris cares for their beloved pets.

Professional Achievements / Curriculum Vitae
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