We can say anything we want about ourselves… true or not…  That’s marketing, not medicine.  What others say is what really matters.  These are unedited comments from clients, colleagues, and coworkers.  Everything was volunteered, and no coaching was offered.  We always advise: “don’t ask them what they’re capable of, ask OTHERS what they’re capable of”.

Jul 8, 2022


I have known Dr. Harris for 35 years. I began seeing him after I purchased my Yellow Naped Amazon, Sam. I knew nothing about the care of birds and was bewildered . Dr. Harris explained what was required for her care and has been my guide and blessing for 35 years. His amazing knowledge and skills are beyond imagination and his caring and personal concern for your pet is very rare. I travel almost 3 hours each way to appointments with Dr. Harris just to ensure that my Sam gets the best care and Dr. Harris is the best! He is a special person and an excellent Veterinarian and I am so grateful for his knowledge and skills in caring for my parrot. I have had the pleasure of watching Dr. Harris care for very many different types of exotic pets and all of his clients feel as I do… there just isn’t a better doctor anywhere! I can recall a time when I arrived for an appointment and was greeted by Dr. Harris and a small monkey was happily perched on his shoulder. He is a wonderful person, humble way beyond his intelligence and expertise and I am proud to call him a friend as well as the very best Veterinarian you can find anywhere.

Rida Hernandez

Jul 15, 2022

Long Distance

First, let me say that I drive all the way from South Carolina to Miami, FL to see Dr. Harris. He is an intelligent doctor who has extended the life of my exotic bunny, my rare turquoise parrotlet, and my guinea pig. Dr. Harris is a veterinarian who always takes an in-depth approach through research and innovation to implement unconventional treatment plans while educating owners about management conditions and the nutritional aspects of their pets’ diets.

My beautiful parrotlet, Sky, had unusual feather cyst disease. After treatment, the condition improved dramatically. Without Dr. Harris, Sky would have lost his life. Traveling from South Carolina to Miami is worth the time invested for my babies to have a doctor who is invested in prolonging their lives.

Patrice Tubbs

Jul 7, 2022

Zoo Miami

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Harris for nearly three decades and cannot say enough about not only his knowledge and expertise, but more importantly his passion for animals and their quality care. He is especially gifted and experienced when it comes to the care and treatment of wild and exotic animals. I consider him one of the top avian veterinarians in the world. I frequently receive calls from individuals who keep exotic animals as pets and are looking for a veterinarian who they can have confidence in when caring for them. I immediately recommend Dr. Harris. In addition to serving as one of the best exotic animal veterinarians that I know, his commitment and dedication towards caring for sick and injured native wildlife, especially birds, is profoundly admirable. Over the years, Dr. Harris has generously donated his services to wildlife rescue organizations, saving the lives of countless animals ranging from herons to eagles, allowing those animals to be successfully released back to the wild. He represents everything that is good about the veterinary profession and I am proud to call him a friend.

Ron Magill

Zoo Goodwill Ambassador/Communications Director - Zoo Miami
Jul 21, 2022

Quarter Century

I first met Dr. Harris when I bought my baby Sun Conure, Jake, 25 years ago.  Essentially, I have known Dr. Harris for half of my life.  Dr. Harris is knowledgeable and is a clear expert in the field of avian medicine.  Not only is he a great veterinarian, but he has proven to be a kind, patient, and compassionate veterinarian and friend.  My experience with Dr. Harris has been nothing but exceptional.  He ensures that all his patients receive excellent patient care.  He takes the time to educate you on your pet’s well-being and always provides a follow-up to ensure that your pet is thriving and that you have a good understanding of his diagnosis.   He is always available to answer questions, and he knows I have plenty.  Let’s just say that I drive over an hour just to make sure that Jake is seen by Dr. Harris.  He has been there for me and for my Jake for 25 years, and I trust him 100% with my Jake’s life.

Desiree Cuason

Jul 21, 2022

Mentor Extraordinaire

Nearly 30 years ago, when I decided that I wanted to start practicing avian and exotic medicine, I was blessed to find a mentor and friend in Dr. Don Harris. Over the next few years I spent a significant amount of time with him at his practice in Miami. I was constantly amazed at his clinical skills, his surgical expertise and his ability to connect and communicate with his clients. He handles all manner of exotic pets with confidence and compassion. Dr. Harris is truly one of the best in the field. I now have a very successful practice north of Boston that includes a large proportion of avian and exotic patients. I am eternally grateful to Don for all he taught me, and he continues to be the first person I consult with when I have a difficult case. Anyone who has the opportunity to consult with Dr. Harris should jump at the chance!

Wendy Emerson, DVM

Veterinarian, Companion & Exotic Species
Boston, Massachusetts
Jul 11, 2022

Dedicated Doctor

Living with a 34 year old macaw I have had since he was 4 months old has introduced me to many avian vets in several different places I have lived.  There is not one of these vets I would recommend other than Don Harris.   As an example, I travel 2 hours each way for an appointment with him!

His education and his devoted love for animals are witnessed each time I visit.  From extensive surgery he performed on my macaw to regular routine visits, he exceeds any expectations.  He travels for his profession when necessary and is always competent and professional.  There are not enough praises for Dr. Harris and I am grateful I found him when I did and so are many of his other exotic animal owners I have chatted with in his office.

Jo Ellen Jones

Jul 7, 2022

Respected Colleague

Don Harris has been a pillar of the veterinary community in the rapidly evolving and developing field of clinical exotic animal medicine and surgery. He applies critical thinking to solve problems with experience, common sense, and practicality. He uses the scientific method to improve his clinical medicine outcomes. As a fellow practitioner, I have worked with him on several occasions and on multiple species. Clients that move to the west that I see have extraordinary things to say about his communication, bedside manner, and case management. I would, without hesitation, consult with him, invite him to ad locum teach, or be a visiting exotic practitioner at my hospital. A lecture of his that I attended at a conference sums up the kind of human Don Harris DVM is; “Strive not to be a success, but to be of value.” Don Harris is valuable wherever he goes and in whatever he chooses. You couldn’t ask for a better veterinarian or human.

Todd Driggers, DVM

Veterinarian, Exclusively Avian & Exotic
Scottsdale, Arizona
Jul 7, 2022

Global Recognition

Dr. Don Harris is a great surgeon of birds and exotic animals.
I am also a veterinarian in Japan and I have learned a lot from Dr. Harris.
There’s no doubt about the track records for his operations.
His communication skills are also very good.
You can feel safe with him and leave it up to him!

Reiko Soga, DVM

Veterinarian, Companion & Exotic Species
Tokoyo, Japan
Jul 7, 2022

Final Word(s)

I have known Dr. Don Harris for almost 40 years. Whenever I need veterinary medical care for my exotic reptile species, there are only two people on this planet I turn two: Dr. Douglas Mader and/or Dr. Harris.

Throughout the years, Dr. Harris has shown me the ability to assess the medical problem and develop a treatment program for the animal (usually a reptile species). In addition to his professionalism and excellent veterinary skills, Dr. Harris also possesses unique people skills and will discuss with his clients language easy to understand whatever issue that brought the patient in for his care. Quite often being personable is a trait that many MD’s and DVM’s lack.

Dr. Harris also cares about global conservation. Recently he volunteered his time to travel to Jamaica and lead a health assessment for 30 American crocodiles, Crocodylus acutus that are housed at the Holland Bay Crocodile Sanctuary. The crocodiles were head started at the sanctuary and set to be released into several protected areas of Jamaica. He also trained several local veterinarians as to the assessment protocol.
Dr. Harris has a top veterinarian skill set, compassion, conservation initiatives and overall a “good guy”!

Joe Wasilewski, Conservation Biologist,

King Cobra Conservancy
Jul 31, 2022

Doctor’s Doctor

In four decades of academia and private veterinary practice I have worked with thousands of veterinarians. Dr. Harris ranks at the top. The following is a list of his obvious skills:

    • Excellent understanding and handling of animals
    • Excellent husbandry skills and knowledge of large and small exotic pets
    • Proficient technical skills, knowledge of medications and treatments
    • Eagerness to learn new concepts/skills
    • Top quality medical/surgical aptitude
    • Ability to work well with both doctors and staff
    • Good client communication skills – able to teach home care
    • Thorough follow-up with clients, staff and referral DVMs
    • Self-motivated
    • Problem Solver
    • Proficient teacher
    • World-renowned expert in Avian Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Harris is dedicated to advancing his knowledge and is a tireless worker.
In summary, Dr. Harris has an evident enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and is a consummate team player. I have always been selective with whom I have chosen to endorse over the past 40 years. Dr. Harris is most deserving of a stellar, unqualified endorsement. To top it off, if my own bird falls ill, there is NOBODY else I would bring her to for care.

Douglas Mader, DVM, ABVP Internal Medicine

Veterinary Specialist, Author
Jul 9, 2022


I have been a veterinary technician for over 25 years and have worked alongside many veterinarians and I have to say Dr. Harris has been my favorite! I have worked directly with him almost every day now for over a year and I enjoy every minute of it, his knowledge is amazing and every day for me feels like I’m learning from the best. It can be very nerve-wracking at times because he wants everything to be done textbook perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know every one of his patients are getting the best medical care out there! I look forward to working alongside him for many more years to come.

Melissa Prado

Jul 26, 2022


All my life I knew I wanted to work with animals. I have been a veterinary technician for 1 year already and working alongside Dr. Harris has been beyond amazing. Not only is he knowledgeable and skillful, but he is compassionate, devoted and over-exceeds any expectations you may have.

Seeing the connections that Dr. Harris has with both his patients and clients are very admirable. Clients drive hours to see him and he travels out of state to wherever he is needed. From a tree frog all the way to tigers, he will treat your furry/scaly/feathery babies all equally and with delicacy. Dr. Harris even treats and cares for my 2 guinea pigs and red ear slider turtle.

In my short time of being a technician I have gained so much knowledge with Dr. Harris’ teaching that nobody believes this is my first veterinary job. I am grateful for his teaching skills as are others resulting in him speaking in a multitude of educational conferences.

I am more than grateful to have crossed paths with Dr. Harris. Excellent friend, amazing mentor and extraordinary veterinarian!

Karina Denise

Jul 21, 2022