Avian & Exotic AMC is dedicated to the resolution of health issues.  With exotic animals, it is impossible to do this without utilizing a plethora of diagnostic testing, such as blood work, radiology, CT scanning, etc.  No pet tells you what’s wrong, least of all exotics, so the diagnostic tests help reveal the true nature of the presenting problem.  We don’t mind admitting that, without this testing, we’d have great difficulty determining in which direction to proceed.  Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, the results of the tests give us clear direction on how to address the health issues.  Most tests are performed onsite within minutes of presentation, and we’re confident in saying that we are very efficient in starting appropriate care much sooner that clinics that must wait for the results of tests from outside labs.  In other words, the way we do things, nowhere does the patient get the appropriate care more quickly than it does here.  With exotic animals, that often spells the difference between life and death.