My 22 year old Yellow Nape Amazon got really sick and I was referred to Avian Exotic Birds Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Harris was really nice, in a very professional manner explained our bird’s situation as thorough and gently as possible; gave us medication and told us to make it as comfortable as we could at home. Sadly my bird was too sick and didn’t make it, but I can be sure that if you own an exotic pet who needs medical attention, THIS is the place that you want to bring it. Thank you Dr.Harris, Manny, and the rest of the staff for your awesome treatment.

Marilyn R

Dr. Harris be the proud and awesome Exotic Avian Vet you are!!!!!……the little Congo AFrican Grey female chick at 4 weeks of age found with multiple at nest fractures……you fixed her leg with a pin. miracle work in my opinion indeed…luckily caught on time no one can tell she sustained that  injury.  You are the best Dr. Don Harris may this testimony give you fuel to continue to do the  work you do for all animals….may many good years of health

Hernan R

When i first brought Nibbler into Dr. Harris in september he was in bad shape. Dr. Harris told me honestly that he didnt know if he could save him, and there was a 50/50 chance. Somehow Dr. Harris got him healthy again, and did everything he could. He diagnosed correctly and while expensive, wouldnt trade it for anything.

Today i called and they were booked, and i believe Lorena went out of her way to call all the appts to make sure she didnt have any openings. Shortly after, she told me one appointment didnt respond and she made room for me. Dr. Harris didnt try to make me feel guilty or offer unnecessary procedures. He told me he would euthanize nibbler peacefully and i decided to get the ashes at a later time. His staff is so kind and understanding. They gave me time to be with Nibbler and time to grieve after. They are truly a compassionate and professional office, and i thank Dr. Harris for providing me with 6 more months of great life with Nibbler.

Adam L

Love the staff and Dr. Harris is the only vet in South Florida I trust with my African Grey  he’s so knowledgeable and is eager to answer all my questions. I highly recommend this animal clinic

Rosa V

Dr. Harris treated our previous bunny (Fatty) and we couldn’t be happier. Our bunny was extremely ill and was kept over night Dr. Harris and staff were all accommodating to our bunny.  Our bunny has passed but we have a new addition to the family Sage who will also be a patient of Dr. Harris. This place is a bit more expensive than others but who can put a price on health and happiness.  I highly recommend this place you won’t be disappointed.

Note:  They work with the Pet ER next door which are also excellent.

Amitaf W

Great service, proficient check in, check out, follow up care/call service. Visits are available on Saturdays. We took our Goffin cockatoo there several times. They treated our bird very gentle, she is free of infection after their treatment, gained some weight, and much better now. Her feathers started growing back.
When we had to leave town, our bird stayed there for a few days, and they were given her all prescribed medications, labeled her toys, and helped us with quick check in since we were rushing to the airport.
The doctors are very knowledgeable and kind to the pets. We learned a lot about our bird as well. Excellent practice, very clean facility.

Ilona W

Loved our visit with Dr. Talavera for our sun conure! We took him for a check up as we just adopted him and she was very nice in informative in her explanations. The girls in the front are very nice as well. They are on time so make sure to be there 10 minutes before to check in. We also learned that they are care of birds when owners are on vacation so we will be leaving him here in September! Thanks again !

Natalee T

I’m extremely glad this wonderful place exists down in the pit of Florida. We have a bearded dragon and we took her in for her first check up with Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris was very gentle with Ella. Even when she was giving him a hard time while he was looking at her mouth, he was still patient and not rough at all. He checked her belly and weighed her on a small scale. We also did a blood exam.  After the results were done Dr. Harris came out and said her results were clean. He was very informative on all kinds of different health care advice.

This is a place where they care about the animals. It is a little far since I live close to homestead but the drive is totally worth it. They are kind, and consider your pet family and not a property. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone with an emergency or just a checkup!

Noelia A

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Dr. Don H